Valencia manga event

This weekend, as some of you already know, I went to the Valencia's manga event.

If you want me to tell you the truth, all this weekend has been somehow... jinxed. In fact, I was asolutely down on my luck.

Out Fashioned've been preparing a choreography for the event, but because of some incidents we couldn't perform this time. D': why me?? Finally I did a solo on the stage, but the choreography was too simple.. (by the way, I was happy because lots of people congratulated me for my exhibition. aw! And I was happy because a group of boys who saw my performance asked me my tuenti adress haha! ) xD I'm absolutely sure about we would have won the dancing contest if we had performed this weekend... :(

Anyway, let me start from the begining and tell you what happened step by step. First of all, I didn't know how to get to the place where the event was celebrated. I had no idea about how to arrive to "Fira València" because I don't know Valencia city. But that was not a problem because I was supposed to take the train from Castellon with a friend who knew how to get there. Can you gess what happened? In fact, that friend of me didn't appear. I waited for her till the last minute before the train's departure D: But she didn't come.

"Don't worry Fátima, be happy. Sheila, your other friend, will call you from Valencia before arriving and she'll indicate you the way to get there" - That's what I thought.

I tried to call her but the mobile phone was switched off =D yaay! I felt alone and absolutely insignificant for my friends.

Once I got to Valencia, I managed somehow to get to Fira València (it was really easy to get there ^^).I thought my friends would be waiting for me there, but: THERE WAS ANYONE. I felt more than insignificant for them, I felt just like.. invisible. Does someone on the Earth remember that I exist? I called them and they told me they were just coming.

Btw, I found some people that I know there, and made some new friends while my friends were coming.
I started to had fun, and found lots of cute stuff that were being sold on the stands *o* There were lots of k-pop merchandising!: T-shirts of Big Bang music band, SS 501's posters, mobile cases, and very cute headphones... (why the hell am I that poor??).

Things were getting better but suddenly a weird guy started talking to me. He started to get somehow closer to me.. ;_; I don't remember how many kisses he gave me (on my cheeks ;D).. it didn't took him more than 30 minutes to ask me my tuenti adress(I felt just like: someone help me please!!).

Some minutes later my friends appeared. We started strolling over there. I was happy because many people regonised me from other events ^-^ and many other asked my adress =D Me! The one who always takes distance from other people was making could finally make new friends!

The karaoke and the dance contest took place. I enjoyed watching both, there were very good perfomances.

One of the things that really impressed me on the event were the winners from France of the World Cosplay Summit. Oh my God! They looked like very beautiful dolls. I wish I could look like them. Both were really beautiful and their costumes were seriously awsome!

.. xD hahaha I've just remembered of something funny that happened there, but I can't make it public.

Next time we'll do a freakin' awsome dance performance! Please, come to see me dancing ^-^/

Well , hope you liked the summary of my day in Valencia ^-^ I'll thank you if you leave here your comments and opinions.

I look very bad in all the pictures, but hope you enjoy them xDDD

Talk to you soon!
Take care everyone

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