Nothing to talk about.......

Hi everybody! what's up?

My life has been kinda stressful those two last weeks: I had a lot of homework to do, lots of readings to read, lots of class notes to review at home and.. you know, this kind of stuff that all students should do. What I want to tell you guys is that because of that lifestyle I had no inspiration to write over here. sorry!

Well.. anyway, that's not what I wanted to talk about today ><..
Last week I got new sneakers for my dancing sessions!
That made think about my life as a dancer (I wonder If I can call myself that way...). One of the two performances I was preparing for this weekend has been cancelled, and I really loved the choregraphies. Specially the easiest one: It had very sexy and femenine moves and that suposed a big challenge to me. A big challenge that I could overcome but I won't be able to share it with anyone yet, even with my dancing partners of TDK :( I wonder when we'll perform... ><

Today I'm uploading over here my top 8 of the korean choreographies I'd like to dance someday in my life. Hope you enjoy them the same way than I. (I'm just uploading 8 videos because I haven't got time to seek for more, in number 9 and number 10's place, there would probabily be two Shinee dances xD.. )

Coming in place number 8, here we have a very simple and famous one: Brown eyed girls' Abracadabra xD

Number 7: (I adore Minzy xD): 2ne1's fire (If you want me to tell you the truth Out Fashioned is planning to dance it ;D)

this is the choreography that occupyies the 6th place. It is a bit old, but it's been a long time since I wanna learn it by heart. Hope you like it. F(x)'s Chu.

The 5th is not Korean but it's a japanese song performed by Yamashita Tomoshisa called Mola . Enjoy:

The 4th one is Breathe from b2ast. It's a simple choreography but I like it don't know why xD Maybe because I have the feeling that I can express myself with that moves.

Coming in the 3rd place I'd like to learn Lucifer (I've just memorized the half of the choreography because I hadn't had time enough xD). I like Tae Min very much (the main charachter in the choreography).

In the 2nd place we have Shinee's Replay! I'd like to be Tae Min (yellow shirt) or Jonghyun (Red jeans)<3

And finally... here we have 2NE1's Clap your Hands! *_* I'd like to dance occupying's Minzy parts in the choreography(the black long haired girl) [sorry for the bad sound's quality. I found it the best cover of this song I've ever seen]

And finally....

My new sneakers <3

Weell, hope this sunday performance to have success!! Wish us good luck!

Keep in touch!

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