500 Days of Summer

Hi world!

Today I’m writing about this famous comedy drama film called 500 Days of Summer (the Spanish tittle is “500 Días junto a ti”) which was written by Scott Neustadter and directed by Marc Webb.

I cannot say this is my favorite movie, but I somehow liked it. I would like to comment and share my opinion about the whole idea of this film on this blog.

The story is about a young architect called Tom Hansen who works as a writer at a greeting card company. He believes that he’ll never be truly happy until the day he could find “the one” (meaning his true love). On the other hand, the other main character is Summer Finn, a young girl who doesn’t match his ideas at all. She doesn’t believe in love and neither in destiny. She moves to Tom’s city – Los Angeles-, and starts working at the same company than him as an assistant.

Tom falls for Summer when he first met her at the office the 8th January. Everything started looking to me as the beginning of a love story, but suddenly the narrator’s voice advertises you. He tells you “You should know this is not a love story”.
The story continues when, after a Karaoke night, Summer discovers that Tom was attracted to her. They start an informal relationship just the next day.

Tom is in love but Summer doesn’t feel the same. I would like to keep on telling you how the movie continues, but I won’t give you more details. All I can do is recommend you to watch it. ^^

I would really like to try to have such an informal relationship, It looks so interesting and I think It’s the best way to know and understand the person you’re dating. It’s a great way to try “the product”.

So,What do you think about this kind of relationship?

Lee Min Ho, my true love.

Hi everyone~!

Don't you find him super-duper cute?

This afternoon I had one of my best dreams ever. I was in Korea, holding hands with Lee Min Ho. We were dating, it was incredible. I really didn’t know what to write about in the blog so… today's topic is going to be him: Mr. Min Ho, my favorite Korean actor.

I saw him for first time on the famous Korean drama “Boys before flowers”. His performance was great but he still was not my favorite Korean man. However, his performance was incredible, Lee Min Ho was identical to the comic character of Domyouji (orginal manga: Hana Yori Dango).

Here you are a picture of Lee Min Ho during Boys Over Flowers.

I fell for Lee Min Ho when I watched “Personal Preference”. Jin Ho – the character he interpreted – was very similar to my idea of “perfect man”. He is a serious and responsible architect. The most I like about that character is not only his sexy tanned skin but also his good hearted personality. He’s always taking care of Park Kae In. I adore boys that do crazy stuff for girls, such as putting on a facial mask or acting as if he was gay. It is pretty funny, I truly recommend it to you.

Those are some pictures of Personal Preference:

Anyway, are you ready to know more about one of the sexiest Asian actors?
Lee Min Ho was born on the 22th July, 1987, in Heukseok-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, South Korea. He hoped to become a soccer player (actually his favorite sportsman is Cristiano Ronaldo) .However an injury in 5th grade of elementary school ended up with his dream.

In the 2nd year of his high school career, Lee Min-Ho turned his attention to acting. By the time of Lee Min-Ho's senior year in high school he joined Starhaus Entertainment with the help of an acquaintance. After going through training, Min-ho started auditioning for roles and landed smaller roles in several television dramas. His major breakthough came with Min-ho landing the lead role in the KBS2 drama "Boys Over Flowers" as Gu Jun-pyo. The television series became immensely popular and regularly received ratings of over 30% in South Korea. Lee Min-Ho is currently majoring in Film & Art atKonkuk University.

Here you have his filmography:


City Hunter as Lee Yoon Sung. (2011)
Personal Preference as Jeon Jin Ho (2010)
Boys Over Flowers as Gu Jun Pyo (2009)
Get Up as Min Wook Gi (2008)
I am sam as Heo Mose (2007)
Mackerel Run as Cha Gong Chan (2007)
Secret Campus as Park Doo Hyun (2006)
Love Hymn as a cook (2005)

Public Enemy as Cameo (2008)
Our School E.T. as Oh Sang Hoon (2008)

TV Commercials / Advertisements

LG Teenring (with Kim Bum and Goo Hye Sun)
Market O
Samsung Anycall Haptic (with Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Joon and Son Dam Bi)
Cadillac CTS
Dunkin Donuts
Levi's Signature
Pepsi NEX
Etude House (with Park Shin Hye)
Samsung Anycall Magic Hole (with Kim Hyun Joong and UEE)
Cass Beer (with Sandara Park and Jessica Gomez)
Bang Bang (with Han Ji Hye)
Binggrae Banana Milk
Lotte Pie
Coffee Cantata
LG Optimus

He won many prizes, most of them were thanks to his fantastic actuation as Gu Jun Pyo in Boy Before Flowers.

Here's the list:

MTN Broadcast Advertisement Festival: Most Popular Advertisement Model, "Trugen Commercial"
45th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Newcomer Actors Award "Boys Over Flowers"
Best Commercial Star Award
KBS Drama Awards: Male Rookie Award, ""Boys Over Flowers""
KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Goo Hye Sun, "Boys Over Flowers"

MNet 20's Choice Awards: Hot Actor (*__* I am not surprised of this prize)
MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Award, ""Personal Taste""
I’m actually waiting for “City Hunter” to be issued on TV *_* I love that man, not only as an actor but also as a model. I think he’s just perfect.

I love Lee Min Ho, not only as a model and as a hot man but also as an actor. I find him incredible.
I'm actually waiting for City Hunter to be issued on TV! Can't waaaaaait!

Thanks for reading <3


Let me start this update with a riddle: What kind of human commits the same mistake more than 5 times? The answer is ME (and probably you, who are reading this, too).

But well, this month’s mistake was different from the rest! I have the feeling this one will be different. I feel for first time as if it was me who was writing the story of my life. As If could break all rules for first time, I feel just as if after my acting I could leave the crime scene without regretting. I feel just as if my story can really arrive as far as I want.

Dangerous games are exciting, don't you think so?

My forecast again

Hello everyone!

How are you doing? Today I am truly angry. I feel just as If I wanted to kill everyone alive on this damn planet.

I spent a few hours waiting at a hospital, what for? Nothing. The doctor didn’t help me at all. Moreover, today I couldn’t listen to my beloved music because my mp4 player has been stolen. In addition to this: some of the plans I made for next week have just been ruined … Gooooooooosh! (At this moment, I’m listening to a Big Bang song that says “everything is gonna be allright” xD haha what a funny words for such a day!).

After coming back from the hospital I started drawing with the special pencils of my cute cow pencil-case. I took some pictures using my webcam~! Today I’m showing some of my drawings (not the confidential ones, so don’t worry and feel free to see them)! The image quality is horrible, but I think you can more or less see what's the drawing about...

This is my cute cow pencil-case. A friend from France gave it to me.

Here you have a pair of realistic drawings:

Manga style:

Today's drawings:

(I'm sorry, I still haven't finished this one..! but I do like it for personal reasons)

and here we are my cow and me again... xD

Well, now let me continue talking about my horrible day. If you want me to be sincere, my afternoon was pretty much better: I went to Rachel’s to watch the last episode of the famous Korean drama “Dream High”. This is not one of my favorite dramas, it’s is too much… surrealist. I couldn’t get into the story at all. I couldn’t believe some scenes because they were too much improbable to happen on real life.

My friend Rachel and I had a bet. I wanted the main character (a girl called Go Hye Mi) to love Jin Guk. My friend, however, wanted Go Hye Mi to love another boy called Song Sam Dong (the cutest actor of Dream High!).

At least (if you don’t want me to spoil you, jump to the next paragraph), I was the loser……. I didn’t want Sam Dong to love Hye Mi. I just wanted him to be free for me <3 Well, I can still dream on ^^

My favorite scene was the last one, when Go Hye Mi and Sam Dong kissed. Lucky Go Hye Mi! Both actors are so cute to me ~

Kisses, kisses kisseeeeeeeeeees

Keep in touch my followers! I'm leaving you with a pair of pictures that I took with Rachel this afternoon~~

So speaking is acting, speaking means doing

Last Monday, Justin, our Englihs teacher, talked to us about the speech act.

Someone, a few years ago, decided that whenever we express an idea by talking or writing we're supposed to do something, we're acting.
A good example of this fact is when a couple get married: If the priest doesn't declare that couple husband and wife, they're not officially married in many countries.

Another example of this is when a president declares war to another country: if he doesn't speak, if he doesn't express his desire of having a war, there would be no war. So when he speaks, he acts. Can you follow me? Another easy example is just when a girl and a boy start going out. They have to speak and say "I like you/ I love you" in order to start a new relationship. When they express they're feelings they're creating an action.

Speaking or just writing is just a game that we, as humans, play. In order to play that game we have to follow a few rules. But just as in most of the games, there are people who break them (well.. xD all of us break the rules I'm talking about). To me that lessons sounded so interesting. It made think a lot during all long day.

That made think about our daily lifes. Just stop and think about it: we're just playing with words all the time. I play with words, and words have magic powers (no , I swear I haven't smoked anything). Whenever we talk we're acting... We could truly get lots of things if we could control better this game, if we could understand all the rules of communication. I wish I could understand better other people's words, other people's acting and doing! I'm sure if I could, I would actually rule this world!!!

Does someone want to control everything together with me? ;)


Hello world~

It’s been long since my last update. The reason of this absence is that I have lots of homework and projects to do and lots of readings to read. My life is becoming quite stressful, but I love this rhythm. I mean, I prefer keeping my mind busy by working hard on the college’s stuff than wasting time in doing anything at all.

This time I’m sharing with you a little text I’ve written a time ago. Let me point out before you start reading that It has no sense, but it will help me to full fit this blog. Enjoy!

“When you finally think you’re free, that feeling comes back to you. You, my beautiful hangover, came back to me.

I’m talking about the hangover that holds my heart unwittingly. The hangover that makes me look like a hopeless person. The one that I hate and I love at the same time. You’ve already heard about it, haven’t you? The hangover that made you cry and smile at the same time. I swear that useless word is driving me crazy.

Just as if you were my favorite drug: I started taking you just once in a while. One day I woke up and I realized I needed to take you everyday. When did I start drawing again? Why did I start liking the shape of your hands? When was my last time drawing portraits? I can’t even remember how many years have passed since the last time I wanted to draw someone’s eyes features that much.

You’re my hangover, my beautiful hangover. The one I like the most and the one that I hate the most. I don’t want you to keep on getting far from me. I don’t want you to be too close to me either. Ignoring you and searching you, I look so pathetic and so cute…”

I already know I’m incredibly boring writing this kind of stuff… Those are the kind of texts I write before getting into a choreography. To me, the most difficult part of dancing is believing the feelings of the song and making them arrive to the people who are watching at your moves.

I’ll try to keep on writing as soon as possible!
Thanks for reading and supporting!

Today's forecast

Hi guys, how are you doing today?

I'm super fine. This weekend I've been to Valencia. The reason was a dance exhibition. Let me tell you about how was my day!

A classmate and a friend came with me. We took together the train and once we arrived in Valencia we met there lots of friends that I haven't seen for a lot time. I felt so happy for seeing them again!

The most I like about meeting friends that I can't see very often is naturalness. I mean, I love that kind of person who treats you with total naturalness even if it has been years since she/he doesn't see you. That spontaneity.. I love it!

Anyway, my friends and I met by chance in the tube and got till a place called "Eliana" which is an outlying district in Valencia.
Once there I met more and more friends. We went to a supermarket and had lunch together in a kind of park... or something like that, just outside the building where I had the performance. I enjoyed the lunch very much, I bought a delicious chicken salad *-* I still can remember that flavor.... hell! I'm hungry...

By the way, I made new friends and enjoyed the exhibition (even If it was a disaster). I wish I had more time to practice some dance steps... So, since I'm embarrassed of the final result, I'm not uploading here any video of the performance.

Before going back home, my friends and I stopped at Lary's. That girl is one of my oldest friends. She's been tagging me on her cat's pictues on Tuenti. The cat's name is Napoleon and it's been months since I wanted to see it on live and give it a big hug! I was a pleasure meeting the cat at her flat. I swear it is one of the cutest things I've ever seen on real life!! When I'll grow up I must have a cat as a pet.

And.. what elese can I tell you about my boring life? Aw... what am I doing? I hate writting about myself. I have a weird sensation whenever I talk about myself (I am such a strange girl... ). I'm sorry. The next update can't be about myself. I'll try to look forward for interesting information in order to share it with you.

Now it's 01:40 and I'm falling asleep. I'm so sorry, but I must say goodbye today!

I'll try to keep on writting (If possible, not about me).

Have nice dreams everyone! ^^


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