500 Days of Summer

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Today I’m writing about this famous comedy drama film called 500 Days of Summer (the Spanish tittle is “500 Días junto a ti”) which was written by Scott Neustadter and directed by Marc Webb.

I cannot say this is my favorite movie, but I somehow liked it. I would like to comment and share my opinion about the whole idea of this film on this blog.

The story is about a young architect called Tom Hansen who works as a writer at a greeting card company. He believes that he’ll never be truly happy until the day he could find “the one” (meaning his true love). On the other hand, the other main character is Summer Finn, a young girl who doesn’t match his ideas at all. She doesn’t believe in love and neither in destiny. She moves to Tom’s city – Los Angeles-, and starts working at the same company than him as an assistant.

Tom falls for Summer when he first met her at the office the 8th January. Everything started looking to me as the beginning of a love story, but suddenly the narrator’s voice advertises you. He tells you “You should know this is not a love story”.
The story continues when, after a Karaoke night, Summer discovers that Tom was attracted to her. They start an informal relationship just the next day.

Tom is in love but Summer doesn’t feel the same. I would like to keep on telling you how the movie continues, but I won’t give you more details. All I can do is recommend you to watch it. ^^

I would really like to try to have such an informal relationship, It looks so interesting and I think It’s the best way to know and understand the person you’re dating. It’s a great way to try “the product”.

So,What do you think about this kind of relationship?

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