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It’s been long since my last update. The reason of this absence is that I have lots of homework and projects to do and lots of readings to read. My life is becoming quite stressful, but I love this rhythm. I mean, I prefer keeping my mind busy by working hard on the college’s stuff than wasting time in doing anything at all.

This time I’m sharing with you a little text I’ve written a time ago. Let me point out before you start reading that It has no sense, but it will help me to full fit this blog. Enjoy!

“When you finally think you’re free, that feeling comes back to you. You, my beautiful hangover, came back to me.

I’m talking about the hangover that holds my heart unwittingly. The hangover that makes me look like a hopeless person. The one that I hate and I love at the same time. You’ve already heard about it, haven’t you? The hangover that made you cry and smile at the same time. I swear that useless word is driving me crazy.

Just as if you were my favorite drug: I started taking you just once in a while. One day I woke up and I realized I needed to take you everyday. When did I start drawing again? Why did I start liking the shape of your hands? When was my last time drawing portraits? I can’t even remember how many years have passed since the last time I wanted to draw someone’s eyes features that much.

You’re my hangover, my beautiful hangover. The one I like the most and the one that I hate the most. I don’t want you to keep on getting far from me. I don’t want you to be too close to me either. Ignoring you and searching you, I look so pathetic and so cute…”

I already know I’m incredibly boring writing this kind of stuff… Those are the kind of texts I write before getting into a choreography. To me, the most difficult part of dancing is believing the feelings of the song and making them arrive to the people who are watching at your moves.

I’ll try to keep on writing as soon as possible!
Thanks for reading and supporting!

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# Soяα # dijo...

fatimuuuu!!! no te pude decir nada ayer porque mi saldo se agotó por arte de magia!!!! nos debes una comida ¬3¬

me alegro que todo haya salido bien en serio! ya me contarás que tal fue y tal. esta tarde quedas para ir a la feria? así nos vemos y cuentas en persona!

un saludo!

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