New headphones & TV

Hi everyone!

First let me THANK all of you for reading me! This time I had lots of visits ^-^ I feel very thankful!

Today I went back to the college. As some of you already know, I've caught a several cold so I couldn't asist to class. I was very worried because I thought I wouldn't be able to perform this saturday on Cromel!

Well.... I couldn't eat very much while I was feeling bad and now that I recovered from the cold I haven't got energy enough even to walk for more than 30 minutes T_T In addition to this, I have anemia so now that I'm doing my best to memorize my solo.... I'm just fainting all the time. I wonder If I'll be able to finish my solo..

Anyway! I am HYPERTENSIC. Today I had two big surprises. The first one is from Vanesa, Andrea and Liza. They gave me my birthday present (yeah, I know It's a little bit late but I really don't care about that). I was given my lovely star headphoneees *_* They're super-duper cute <3 <3 <3

On the other hand.. one of my biggest dreams has become true this afternoon. I can't explain how happy I felt when I saw my dad setting our new BIG TV plasma in the living room. This is the biggest TV I've ever had... From now on, I'll be able to see all my idols in such a big size!! *__* When I saw that TV I swear I had the feeling that I was a step closer to heaven... From now on I can watch all the movies I like in such a great image quality... Thanks God, on days like this, I have the feeling you are really there up ! XD

I should say good bye now. It's a little bit late and tomorrow I must wake up early , I still have to get the clothing for the exhibition and clean some of my steps.


Please come to see me

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# Soяα # dijo...

I do the same as you with my TV xD
Thank you too! we love you <3

Sorry, I can't write nothing more... I have to do a translation...T_T

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