I know, I know it... It's been just a few minutes since I've updated this but I... I missed you so much that I couldn't stay without writing you a little bit more. My dear readers, I can't live without you (I'm not crazy, trust me). In fact, I was just kidding.

The reason I'm writing here once again is because I wanted to tell you about a thought that came to me yesterday night.

As I said, my hair is horrible. I am horrible, but never mind! = D who really cares about it? I don’t care at all. I mean, being a 20 years old girl and hating your image isn’t that bad. Even in such a competitive world where image rules everything and where marketing is more important than God in some companies.

Yesterday night I started thinking about lies. Yeah, lies. How about using make up? – asked me my brain. And that’s what I did. I opened my very big box full of make up that I never use and started putting stuff on my face. I got very good looks.

Let me show you the results:

This one was inspired on BEG's Sign. I'll dance it the next weekend so I tried the make up on. I didn't used too much eyeshadow because it doesn't suit me with red lips.

This look was inspired on Sandara Park on I Need a Girl's MV. In fact, I still need to improve it, this week I'm getting the make up I need to have a good finish for this style.

And finally... Sorry I hadn't had time to make a photomontage, but I hope you like it.

Here I got the inspiration from Dollfie dolls. I like them and wanted to achieve a similar look.

The next look I would like to get is a clean and natural one. Those are my favourites... I'll show you the results as soon as I can.

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