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Hi everyone ~
Today I would like to write about what I did yesterday. As some of you already know, the Paella's Day took place on UJI. For those of you who are not Spanish people living in Castellon I will give you a short explanation: Once during our academic year, we celebrate a day on which students prepare Paellas in the college and celebrate a kind of party there.

Well, I first took the tram (this is a small and crackling kind of bus here in my town) to get there. It was full of people; I swear I couldn’t breathe normally. Anyway… I got to the college and found lots of hundreds and thousands people outside and inside UJI. I was shocked.

I got into the college, tried to look for my friends and got lost. It was FULL of people. I spent about 45 minutes looking for my colleagues before finding them next to a kind of stage where people were singing typical Spanish songs.

The weather was excessively hot and the environment was full of smoke produced by the preparation of the paellas. Except of those details, everything was perfect. I enjoyed the day very much. My partners and friends signed my shirt. I met many friends that I wasn’t expecting to see. We took many pictures… next year the party will be better than this one! =D

By the way, after having lunch I went to visit my hairdresser. You know? It’s been long since I wanted to have a new haircut. But the result was… catastrophic. I can just say that my hair is too short to me. I don’t like very much my new haircut. U_U mmh… maybe it’s not my haircut, maybe the wrong thing is my face. I don’t really know. Well, anyway, I just know that I can’t see myself in the mirror with a gorgeous smile. I was pretty sad when I got out the hairdresser’s. My friend who saw my face full of sadness suggested me to have dinner at a Chinese restaurant close to her house. In fact, I accepted because I DO ADORE CHINESE FOOD.

After the dinner I felt much better. I went back home together with another friend and then slept.

What a boring life, isn’t it?

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