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How are you doing?

It's been long since I don't upload new stuff over here. How have you been?

Well as I said on my last update, this semester I have to write once again 4,000 words on this site. If you want me to tell you the truth I had no idea and I still have no idea about what do I want to write here. So.. at the moment I've decided to keep on writing non-sense stuff about my life and about my hopeless improvement projects.

Today I would like to write about how expressive I am. My dear friends, you already know that I'm bad at talking about myself and my thoughts. That is one of the things I most hate about myself. I mean... lately I realized about this fact. Whenever I go out with friends I am the one who always listens and my friends are always the ones who love talking and tell me about their daily life. Why am I afraid to talk about me? I doesn't look so difficult. I also want to be a talkative person like them. I would like to become a person with whom everyone would like to talk to. I consider myself good at listening but not at speaking and that's a very important skill of humans.

Probably most of you are wondering why am I saying this stuff. I'm not crazy. The reason is a book that I am currently reading. It talks about the importance of communication. The books is written in Spanish and its name is "Los secretos de la felicidad. El maravilloso poder de la conversación" , the author is Sebastià Serrano. It talks about the importance of communication in our daily lifes on this chaotic society. Giving hugs, kissing and in short, touching the people we love is something very important for humans; I never do that. I am not used to any kind of physical contact. In addition to this I prefer avoiding that kind of contact. Moreover the book insists on the importance of communication, the importance of talking everyday, the ways we use to express our feelings, the role of the language during this process.. So it made me think very much about me. Starting from today I'll try to be more talkative with the people I love! (and yup, this is another of my hopeless improvement projects). I'll try to give more hugs to everyone. fighting! ò.o

This update finishes here. I'll tell you about my progress with this boring project about my boring person.

Keep in touch!


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