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Hi guys, how are you doing today?

I'm super fine. This weekend I've been to Valencia. The reason was a dance exhibition. Let me tell you about how was my day!

A classmate and a friend came with me. We took together the train and once we arrived in Valencia we met there lots of friends that I haven't seen for a lot time. I felt so happy for seeing them again!

The most I like about meeting friends that I can't see very often is naturalness. I mean, I love that kind of person who treats you with total naturalness even if it has been years since she/he doesn't see you. That spontaneity.. I love it!

Anyway, my friends and I met by chance in the tube and got till a place called "Eliana" which is an outlying district in Valencia.
Once there I met more and more friends. We went to a supermarket and had lunch together in a kind of park... or something like that, just outside the building where I had the performance. I enjoyed the lunch very much, I bought a delicious chicken salad *-* I still can remember that flavor.... hell! I'm hungry...

By the way, I made new friends and enjoyed the exhibition (even If it was a disaster). I wish I had more time to practice some dance steps... So, since I'm embarrassed of the final result, I'm not uploading here any video of the performance.

Before going back home, my friends and I stopped at Lary's. That girl is one of my oldest friends. She's been tagging me on her cat's pictues on Tuenti. The cat's name is Napoleon and it's been months since I wanted to see it on live and give it a big hug! I was a pleasure meeting the cat at her flat. I swear it is one of the cutest things I've ever seen on real life!! When I'll grow up I must have a cat as a pet.

And.. what elese can I tell you about my boring life? Aw... what am I doing? I hate writting about myself. I have a weird sensation whenever I talk about myself (I am such a strange girl... ). I'm sorry. The next update can't be about myself. I'll try to look forward for interesting information in order to share it with you.

Now it's 01:40 and I'm falling asleep. I'm so sorry, but I must say goodbye today!

I'll try to keep on writting (If possible, not about me).

Have nice dreams everyone! ^^


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