So speaking is acting, speaking means doing

Last Monday, Justin, our Englihs teacher, talked to us about the speech act.

Someone, a few years ago, decided that whenever we express an idea by talking or writing we're supposed to do something, we're acting.
A good example of this fact is when a couple get married: If the priest doesn't declare that couple husband and wife, they're not officially married in many countries.

Another example of this is when a president declares war to another country: if he doesn't speak, if he doesn't express his desire of having a war, there would be no war. So when he speaks, he acts. Can you follow me? Another easy example is just when a girl and a boy start going out. They have to speak and say "I like you/ I love you" in order to start a new relationship. When they express they're feelings they're creating an action.

Speaking or just writing is just a game that we, as humans, play. In order to play that game we have to follow a few rules. But just as in most of the games, there are people who break them (well.. xD all of us break the rules I'm talking about). To me that lessons sounded so interesting. It made think a lot during all long day.

That made think about our daily lifes. Just stop and think about it: we're just playing with words all the time. I play with words, and words have magic powers (no , I swear I haven't smoked anything). Whenever we talk we're acting... We could truly get lots of things if we could control better this game, if we could understand all the rules of communication. I wish I could understand better other people's words, other people's acting and doing! I'm sure if I could, I would actually rule this world!!!

Does someone want to control everything together with me? ;)

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