Far but close friends

Well... this entrance is dedicated to someone who probabily won't read it.

This morning, when I just came back from the college I found an envelop on my bedroom's desk. Someone from Barcelona has sent me a very nice letter and a DVD.
It's been already 2 years since the first day we met. I can still remember all the details and I'm very glad of having such a friend. Someone who is really able to listen to you when you need it. A friend who is truly always there. A very intelligent guy and absolutely a great artist.

His dream is becoming an actor and he has dedicated me his 'first' job and sent it to me by mail way! I've just watched it and enjoyed a lot. Thanks a lot Mr. C
This kind of present are the best I can recieve.

Seeing how people around me are doing their best encourages me to do so.
It will be a second meeting.

Thanks for the present.

Range in the world!

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