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Today I haven't too much things to say. This weekend has been awsome but a bit cold. Winter is coming. I'm a little bit sleepy so today's update is going to be short. I would like to tell you lots of things about saturday's day, but I'm keeping it as a secret till the 20th november ^-^

Well.. however, I think I'm falling in love with Tae Yang's songs. I can't stop from listening to his voice and watching his cool dancing movements. This dance is really simple, but pretty expressive and cute. I think I just like it and I would like to share it with you tonight guys. Here you have Taeyang's "I Need Girl" music video featuring G-Dragon and Sandara Park of 2NE1 (even if most of you have already watched it):

Too much romanticism to be me, right? no way... I think I need a bit of rock music in my daily life. Can't spend all my life listening just k-pop as I've lately been doing. It's been long since I don't listen to that kind of music. I think I'm missing too much things!

I'll keep on writting here, so please keep on reading me. Tomorrow I'll write more stuff over here~~ !

Good night to everyone
P.S. I wonder how kimchi fried rice's flavor is...

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# Soяα # dijo...

sorry but i dislike Taeyang and how he moves.. I don't know why, but I can't with that guy. But the song is really lovely.

I think that we have it but we don't appreciate that. We have to understand there are many differents kinds of love and the love of tv and the true love is different.

^ ^

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