aha! you know you wanna do it again, right?

Homework, homework and more homework to do since I've started studying in that college. I've always thought that being all long day busy is great, but sometimes students need a BREAK.

And that's what I did this weekend, I looked forward to breathe and stayed out with my friends. I went to a birthday party and I enjoyed it as long as I could. We took some pictures as you can see. ^^

My friends and me (pink dress ) (why do I always look that bad when someone takes me a picture?! T_T )

Guillem & me :3

Everybody smiles in the party~~

Do you want to know what was the most I liked of those pictures? The monkey who is saying hello there <3. It was super duper cute.. I wonder how my birthday will be this year. I mean, I've lost contact with lots of friends, and maybe this year... maybe it's gonna be sad. Who knows. I wish I could celebrate it in another country *o* woaah! It would be awsome!

I promised you I wouldn't make you feel bored and I think I'm doing so, I'm a very bad person =D

There was something else I wanted to say... I'm planning to change my horrible look but I still can't decide my new hairstyle.. Any advices? = D

oh hell, it's actually 01:00 , and tomorrow I have to wake up early in the morning. Sorry guys, but today It's enough!

Talk to you soon.
Have nice dreaaaams~~ !!

P.S. sorry for my today's stupid update, I'll try to make next one better = D nd also sorry for my very ridiculous faults!

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# Soяα # dijo...

My first update was stupid, not thst ò.ó

Why did they not make the photos when I was there? ... *feel sad*

Hope to see your neew look. I don't give you any advice because I'm in the same problem as you. I want to change my hairstye and I don't know what can I make because of my wavy hair.... it's a shi****

So... see you tomorrow, I'm going to update too !

Folka Albark dijo...

Holaaaaaa, soy Oscaaaaar, toma, mira mi bloj XD


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