happy halloween

This is going to be a short update.
Well... as all of you know, tonight is a special night. Some people celebrate the famous Halloween night.

It's the first time I celebrate it and.. well, it was funny. I felt just as If I was in the middle of a very warm environment. Everyone was smiling and having fun.

Furthermore.. It's the first time I show my absolutely sincere personality to my friends and.. I'm still shocked, because everyone hugged me and gave me kisses -don't ask me the reason because even I can't understand it, and I can tell you that no one was drunk- The world is crazy. Maybe as crazy as my mind is. I mean, everyone liked me just as I am, .. xD I can't give you too much details because it's a bit embarrassing and I don't want my English teacher to have a weird image of me. I just can tell you that tonight I became a very bad girl .
Ar.. well, nevermind.

I wish I could be that self confident whenever I wanted to.

I'll upload some pictures of my costume over here as soon as I can. However let me tell you that you'll shake of fear guys. I looked truly firghtening. Even I got scared when I saw myself in the mirror.

Aand.. I don't know what else I can write here.. it's really late o(><)o mmmh... oh! Yesterday I meet a new friend.. It was really funny and nice. I enjoyed the afternoon but there was something weird. I can't explain it.. I don't know how to. D= well anyways, nevermind . I'm just too sleepy to think about how to express my thoughts.

It's a bit late and I just wanted to wish you a very happy and frightening halloween!
have nice nightmares~~!

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