Perfect friends

My mom's calling me to have some pineapple cake, so today's update is going to be short.

I feel so ashamed writting over here.. my English skills just suck. u.u

Thanks to everyone for comforting me after my last stupid entrace. I was right at least: I just regret about what I've written. I'm very sorry. I still haven't become a robot, so I can't control my feelings.

Many people around me are great. I can't get carried away by nightmares. Non-sense nightmares, to be exactly.

Nowadays I'm different from how I was a few months ago. Maybe I'm not as great as I'd like to be but I'm fine just the way I am.

Well, solitude is a relative term. Friends can be everywhere you want. Don't you think so? I mean,if you want to make new friends you can do it, It's pretty easy, specially in the college. It's all about being nice to everyone. (If you're someone cute , then you have more possibilities on liking other people, but that's not my case at all xD).

I've always wanted to have two kind of specific friends, but I still couldn't find them:

The first friend type .. well, I just call him "The stylist gay friend". As the name says, he must be a good looking gay boy. If it's possible, a stylist.
I watched many movies where such a specific character appears, I liked him, and I wanted such a friend for me.
Just because of being a boy, he'd probabily have a different point of view than me about many things. I have the feeling that I can learn lots of stuff thanks to him. Furthermore, having such a friend will make me feel more comfortable next to him. I won't need to care about If I'm cute today or not. He's gay. He won't judge me as a woman and that is THE BEST of all this! =D I can be absolutely natural! In addition to this, I have the feeling that we can become very close friends. We could be just.. like brothers *-* I've always wanted such a friend ^.^
Moreover, if he's stylist he can help me to improve my image. (>//<) I think that having this kind of friend can make me feel more confident. It would be great. ... I'd have free yaoi fanservice whenever I wanted to *-* .... And we would share lots of things toghether.
since I'm not a big beauty I think that a bi or even an hetero friend who could never look at me as a woman, and who has a good taste at clothes and make up, would suit this role. ^^

The second friend type is "the Korean or Chinese friend". If prefer this type to be a girl. The reason is simple: In my opinion, Asian girls are the most beautiful girls in the world.
They're very small and thin, and super-duper cute. they have very beautiful hands and nails and.. *-* They're very good looking (as you can see, they're the opposite than me). I'd like to learn how to look like them and ask them a pair of beauty tips. But the most important reason is that both cultures attract me a lot and having a friend from China or Korea would be awsome. Maybe I could travel to those countries with my friend. And I'd be able to know much more things about those cultures. It'd be truly absolutely GREAT. I'd feel very happy ^-^

Will I find this kind of people someday? I'm not saying that I'm not happy with my actual friends. I feel very grateful ^-^ but I just need to write 4 000 words here, please, undersand me xD (who the heck am I talking to?)

Aw.. the pineapple cake is already served! Sorry guys, but I'm leaving.

Keep in touch!

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